Hunting Calendar - the best hunting mobile app

Plan your hunting trips based upon information on the sun and moon.

Hunting Calendar instantly displays best hunting times for any location worldwide. Quickly choose days and times with the greatest probability of successful hunt. Hunting Calendar stores your trophies with photo, size, weight, location... for later analyze or just to tease your friends

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch Requires iPhone OS 6.0 or later

Languages: English, Croatian, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Hunting Canlendar on iPhone
Hunt with lunar theory

Proven so-lunar theory

The Solunar Theory will predict the best day and time that each month has to offer. Hunting calendar does all the math for you.
Use calling sounds

Calling sounds

You can attract animals with built-in calling sounds or download your favorite calling sounds from internet and make your sound library even better.
Save, share and manage your trophies

Store and share your trophies

Share your trophies with photos via email or Facebook. Invite friends for hunting by sharing success chart on Facebook or via email.
Hunting Calendar - Day forecast

Prediction Calendar

Infinite worldwide calendar
Infinite calendar that works for years to come. Each prediction is made for specific location that can be selected on map or your current location can be obtained from GPS (iPhone only).
Month and week overview
Plan your hunting trips months or even years ahead. Month view will display accurate data for each day in any selected month. Week view will help you to plan your weekend hunting trips.
Detailed day view
Select Day view from month or week view and you will get accurate chart for specific day. Hunting efficiency is shown within few minutes accuracy. Day view displays night-day periods with sun and moon displayed how they move for specific day. Their influence can be clearly seen on hunting efficiency chart. Data such as: sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, moon-phase and moon-overhead are also displayed.
Hunting Calendar - Saved trophies

Hunting diary

Log your trophies
Log your trophies regularly and you will create astonishing hunting diary. Each trophy-log stores all information that hunter needs. Even hunting location is stored so you can see where exactly each animal was hunted.
Analyze it
Your trophies collection contains all necessary data for serious analyze. Compare prediction times with actual hunt and you will see the accuracy of Hunting calendar for iPhone.
Display trophies on map
You want to find good hunting spot? No problem. All your trophies are displayed on map and you can see location where animals are most likely will be. Of course it's may be worth to try new location.
Hunting Calendar - Animal sounds

Calling sounds

Included sounds
We have included seven animal calling sounds in the application. They have been recorder by professional hunters.
Import from iPod Library
You can record your own sounds or buy them on internet. Put them in your iTunes library, sync your device and you can import them into the application.
Hunting Calendar - Saved trophies


Share your trophies
Every hunter wants to spread a word about his trophies. Now you can share your trophies on Facebook with amazing photos and exact animal measures. If you don't want to go public just share your trophies with close friends via email.
Share predictions
Invite your buddies to hunting trips by sending them accurate prediction chart via email, even if they don't have an iPhone. Share prediction on Facebook to invite even more people.
iPhone calendar support
When you find your perfect day for hunting you can simply add hunting event into your existing calendar. Info is also added to calendar note such as best periods, moon times... You can also send attending request to buddies via iPhone.
Hunting Calendar - View trophy on map

It works worldwide

Your favorite hunting locations
You can easily add new hunting locations by name or simply choose location on map. That way all your favorite hunting locations are stored and you can check hunting success for multiple locations. You can even plan a hunting trip on another side of globe.
Multiple units
Metric and imperial units are fully supported. Application will detect your regional setting and automatically set units that you are familiar with.

User reviews - testimonials

This app does what I expected and works offline but I wish it had an online bonus that included movements based on weather fronts
Hunt calandra
Shoots over
Best app on the marked for hunting. A must for all hunters
Great app suggestion.
Bama hunter
Great app. Would be nice if it offered season and bag limits for Alabama and other states.
Awesome App
This app is accurate!! I have seen more deer during the times it says it peaks and I notice little movement during the down times. Very help hunting app!!
Great !!
Bowhunter 599
I used it !!.. And it really seemed to be right on with deer movement..been needing this for sometime now..
Great app
Add a whitetail deer call and maybe weather and it would be near perfect
Wall hanger
This app help me a lot use it from a friend of mine would call him for the major feeding times an guess what arrowed a buck in oct 28 then dec 26 shot a nice 8pt mourning hunts now I got me a wall hanger an now I got me new phn an the app so guess what them bucks in big trouble next season thanks
Sweet App
Sci-Fi Sculptor
Very nice with the trophy info, needs to be location specific though, or at least season specific. Very nice though, I have no complaints, just suggestions.
Great app
This is a great little app i went out the other night and it was a bad night according to the calender but the night before was a good night and i saw deer
So far so good.
Times seem to be spot on for game movement. Have seen lots of movement of both hogs and deer that coinside with calendar times here in DFW area. Will be interesting to see long term as I have only had app a few weeks.
Right on target
Pretty accurate so far this season! I'm planning my hunting season for the rest of the year according to this.
Great app
The calendar makes it seem like the deer are weekend warriers always moving on Friday Saturday and Sunday but anyways it works great I'm all tagged up in pa.

Very well put together.
Worth getting

Ottima e utile
Viva la caccio
Per me questo calendario venatorio è molto bello aquistatelo che vi troverete bene questo è dedicato a dei cacciatori come me!!!!!
Cristian intro
Ha bisogno di più richiami e altre funzionalità però consiglio l acquisto
Molto bella le fasi lunari sono perfette bravi
Mauro pozone
Sarebbe molto utile aggiungere qualche richiamo in più per completare l'applicazione tipi di anatre tordi e allodole. Vi prego aggiornatelo
Funziona bene. Gli orari di mangianza dei cervidi sono giusti ( per un cervo con un periodo di 6 ore come il cervus elaphus ed il wapiti ) i caprioli si vedono anche negli intermezzi ( mangiano con ciclo di 3 ore ). Ne sono contento.
Mi piace davvero tanto !!!
Buon lavoro

Tout simplement génial ;)
Felicitation a l'auteur de cette app, je suis chasse et j'ai teste cette app sur mes sorties de chasse cet été en affut au mirador, le calendrier lunaire marche vraiment, seul petit point négatif le poigt des trophes en lbs pas de possibilité de changer, en tout cas je suis ravi car j'ai fais chasse et mon pote de chasse aussi (chevreuil et sanglier) un grand merci et espérant voir arrivée de belles mises a jour ;)
Et oui les chasseurs sont équipe d'un iPhone ! Très peux d'app sur ce loisirs mais celui la est de qualité. A recommande et a encourager !! Exelent
Ponte Leccia 2 b
Cette application est super bien . Application a acquérir
les essarts
Très belle application,je peux joindre les photos de mes trophées de chasse,avec toutes mes journées de chasse merci
Beretta 06150
Pratique toujours sur soit superbe application
Je confirme +
Je confirme que c'est une belle app. Et enfin pour les chasseurs! Je regrette qu'il n'y ai pas plus de sons pour les appelants.
Super appli
Super application pour moi qui suis chasseur ...
Appli bien faite j attends de voir sur le terrain pour les migrations grives et bécasses en attendant plus de sons pourquoi pas la grive musicienne
Modifications a apporter
Autant d'étoiles pour l'idée mais il en manque encore... Ça serait bien de pouvoir intégrer des données dans l'appli ( par exemple intégration excel ou Acrobat des dates d'ouvertures, des arrêtes préfectoraux ou même la copie du permis et autorisation spécifique de destruction) Il serait intéressant d'avoir aussi un carnet de prélèvement avec plusieurs territoires possible! À priori il n'est pas possible de retrouver les photos sur la carte non plus... Merci de nous faire une mise à jour, par rapport au prix, je pense qu'on la mérite
Carnet de bord cool je peut noter tout mes coup de fusil etxe que je ramasse
Juste le français pour la 5em étoile
Super calendrier. Moi qui est chasseur

Fast eine super App
Helle F-B
Diese App ist fast genau das was ich brauche. Jagdtagebuch find ich sehr gut :-) Aber das nützt einem natürlich nicht wenn man das Tagebuch nicht exportieren und dann damit in excel kann. Da müsste ich dann alles wieder abschreiben :-( Deshalb auch nicht 5 Sterne. Tiergeräusche ist ein Gimick - aber brauchen tut das im alltag auf dem iPhone wohl fast keiner. Der Solunartheorie Kalender ist sehr interessant..das probier ich aus :-) Auch die Sonn- und Mond Auf und Untergangsanzeige ist sehr hilfreich! Insgesamt einsehr gutes Produkt, dass aber noch Verbesserungspotenial hat und sich zumindest beim Trophäenkalender selbst ins Bein schiesst.
Etwas mehr erwartet
Eigentlich in Ordnung, wenn auch etwas teuer. Beim Update würde ich das Gewicht ändern in gr. Es gibt keinen Rehbock mit einem Gehörngewicht von über 1kg. Mein stärkster wog 535gr und den kann ich zur Zeit leider nicht eintragen. Die Begriffe Lebendgewicht würde ich in Trophäe ändern und Schlachtgewicht in Aufgebrochen. Wenn man dann in der Auflistung noch das Bild durch anklicken vergrößern könnte, wäre es perfekt. Die sich selbst einspielenden Tiergeräusche sind super. Leider kann man die schon vorgegebenen nicht löschen.
Cool ab heute sogar in deutsch
Jetzt muss nur noch das wild zu den Zeiten kommen. Schauen wir mal. Wmh
Klasse App.
Super App. Jetzt auch in deutsch für Jäger Klasse
Sehr interessantes App
Jens Rohrbaech
Dieses App ist fuer Jaeger schon sehr geeignet. Tiergeraeusche ist ein interessantes und lustiges Feature aber im Jagdalltag nicht so sehr zu gebrauchen. wer die Lockjagd betreibt wird sie vermutlich nicht mit dem iPhone betreiben. Gut war dabei die Tatsache, dass man eigene Laute noch importieren konnte. Sortierung ist dann leider widerum nicht so gelungen. Wegen diesem Schnick-schnack nur 4 Sterne. Waidmannsheil!
Fast sehr gut
Tolles App. Exportmöglixhkeiten fehlen. PDF Export oder direkter Druck wären toll.
Wirklich faszinierend dieses kleine Programm. Habe mal die Daten des Programms mit den Daten der Aufnahmen von der Wildkamera und von Abschüssen verglichen und die Übereinstimmung war teilweise schon verblüffend. Auch von Ansitzen wo gar nichts kam sah man sehr häufig, dass diese zu "schlechten" Zeiten stattfanden. Wenn jetzt noch das Jagdtagebuch etwas besser wäre, dann würde ich auf jeden Fall fünf Sterne geben. Würde mir eine Trennung von Beobachtung und Abschuß wünschen und besser auf die deutschen Verhältnisse zugeschnitten. Auslesen der Daten in Excel etc. wäre auch noch super