My Measures Pro

Powerful application for storing and sharing object dimensions.

A must have tool for real estate agents, engineers, carpenters, architects, auction sellers, construction workers...

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Compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Requires iOS 6.0 or later.

Czech,Turkish,Japanese, Polish and Chinese
Macworld Editors Choice
Dimension everything

Dimension anything

Add dimension arrows, angels or custom text to object on photo. No need to hold paper sketches in your pocket.
Organize your work

Organize your work

Organize dimensions in folders. Easy drag & drop file management.
Share dimensions

Share dimensions

Share your stored dimensions with other people by email as image, PDF or project.
My Measures for iPhone Screenshot Drawing

Picture is worth a thousand words

Remember everything
How many times did you forget what your paper sketch is about? Picture with dimensions will have all details you need to remember.
Others also unterstand when they see it
Did you ever sketched an object that others did not understood? Picture is worth a thousand words and everyone can understand it, even kids
Describe things
Describe and point out details on picture with free text.
Special tools to calculate area, volume and sum arrows. Simple tools to divide or duplicate existing arrows.
My Measures - Organize your work

Organize your work

Photos with names
Set custom file name to each photo. If you are not a home user you might name your files by project, location or customer.
Professional users like engineers, carpenters, architects and construction workers need to organize their projects and locations to folders. You can move photos to folders with easy drag & drop method.
Multiple sharing
Easiest way to share multiple files or folders. Just tap on "Share" button and select files and folders you wish to send. As a professional user you can send measured objects to main office within few seconds. You can also send files as project so other users with My Measures and Dimensions Pro can edit your project.
My Measures many options

Endless possibilities

Different styles
There are 7 different arrow styles. Use style that best describes your measurement. Arrow with one end can be used to point out details or to link text with detail. With text you can choose between three types of bubbles and four colour variations. You can easily increase or decrease the size of the font in the bubble.
Imperial, Metric, Chinese and Japanese units
Support for metric and imperial units with inclusion of feet-inches together. Fractions are also supported in inch unit. Tip: To use fractions in your dimension you have to choose inch unit. Example one: 2 1/4" Press number two then press decimal separator (dot), press number one and press fraction separator / (slash - same button where dot was) and then press number four. If you don't need leading inches just begin with zero instead of number two.
Choose different colors for different arrows. You might choose color that is most visible on your picture or organize arrow dimension by purpose. For example you can use one color to point out outer dimensions and use other color to point out inner object dimensions..

User reviews - testimonials

Happy buyer11
Great app
Disapointed Slugger
I showed this app to my Forman and now everyone in the company has and uses it. We use it for everything, great app worth every penny!
This app will blow adobe out of the water.
Great app!!
Can't live without it on the building site.
A good app
Tech stuff test guy
The updates continue to improve this app. If possible, duplicating text boxes would be helpful. Only issues for me are moving entire text box and moving the left side of a text box is difficult unless it is very large.
My measures
Angel a.
This is very good and the best program very good
Great app ever !
Cris Revel
This is really useful most have it !
Do everything it claims
Great little ap, use it regularly.
South Florida builder
This is great with custom homes that I work on everyday .
Great app
Sentinel Stage- Mailman
Performs as advertised
Great APP
I work for the NYC Transit Subway system. Its crucial that the condition and location of a structural problem is exact and relayed with the most info. We move over 10 million people to and from their destination a day. Well a picture says it all. Especially when you can highlight the photo with all the info My Measures Pro lets you do. Great App!!!! Steve H

Very good
Good Looking Bloke
Really great app for taking measurements from any job your doing along to your local store. Very easy to use.
A Great Help
iPhone Chief!!!
Excellent App!!!!
Almost 5*
I had expected a little more, was slightly let down by the functions available but a very useful app. Hopefully the updates will add some more functions?
Very handy
Jeff McDaniel
It's very easy to use and creates neat measurements. I use it at work often.
Must have app!!
Superb app. Easy to use and an essential aid for anyone carrying out on site surveys. Who needs a notebook?!
Great app!
Very useful. Saves a lot of time
Great app!
Very helpful application for surveyors !
Fantastic app! Saves so much time.
A very useful app!
S Gavin
I like thus app. I do a lot of sketches for woodwork and building projects, both DIY and for my job. Having dimensioned photographs in MyMeasures is a really helpful addition; even before its other benefits. There was a recent problem that prevented the app opening. MyMeasures' team responded quickly to my email and a fixed upgrade was available in days.
Excellent one of my favorite apps.
John northern Ireland
Really useful app. As an engineer use it extensively to communicate sizes and produce 3D drawings.
Simple to use, I use it every day. Well done.

Me encanta
Muy buena aplicación, me encanta y me adelanta trabajo...
Poco intuitiva
Es una buena aplicación pero es poco intuitiva.
Muy buena
Practica y facil de usar.
A mi em funciona molt be. No he provat els altres, pero aquest es genial.
Molt bona!
Val la pena deixar-se de paperets!!!!
Muy facil de usar, y practico
Fantástica aplicación. Muy útil a la hora de tomar medidas, con rapidez y de una manera sencilla. La mejora que haría es poder hacer zoom en una de las zonas de la foto para poder tomar medidas zonas mas pequeñas. Pero bueno. Siempre se puede editar la foto antes y luego usarla en el programa.
Muy buena
Muy buena creía que seria un timo mas pero es genial, una buena ayuda.
Ariel vertical
Muy buena para trabajar
Muy útil
Fali R.
Muy útil para mi trabajo y para tareas de casa
Ahora si.
Luego de 1 año sin actualizar y con muchos problemas, la última versión funciona a la perfección. La uso para muchas cosas además de medidas, por ejemplo para anotar donde van los tornillos de un equipo al desarmarlo. La recomiendo.

Grande App
Antonio Muratori
Perfetta e utilissima... Mai stato capsce di disegnare ció che dovevo misurare! Consigliatissimo a chi deve fare o restaurare casa, ingegneri, architetti, geometri o semplicemente chi va a comprare mobili e ha bisogno dietro con sé le misure di una parte di casa... DA AVERE
La più utile di tutto l'App Store.
Fotografi, prendi le tue misure con un metro o un misuratore laser (gli unici modi seri di misurare, se no tanto vale andare ad occhio) e ti riporti tutte le misure sotto forma di quote direttamente sulla fotografia, posizionandole in modo precisissimo; infine puoi inviare il tutto direttamente per email. A me, per lavoro, nei rilievi ha cambiato la vita!! PS. Arrivare all'Ikea con la foto quotata della nicchia da 125 cm. dove vostra moglie ha deciso di inserire un armadio a 6 ante, non ha prezzo!
Marco's Cer
Ottimo strumento lavorativo. Non lo uso spesso ma quando mi serve é impagabile. Puó risultare un pó macchinoso in certi casi ma nel complesso direi ottimo come da titolo
Serenade Wind quintet
Utile è bella.
Bravi 5 stelle meritate
molto utile per il bricolage, comodo avere sempre con se le misure per i vari lavori da svolgere.
Fabrizio di Asti
Ottima app. Rapida ed intuitiva per appuntarsi misure al volo. Su iPad puoi anche fare disegno tecnico partendo da una foto. La uso moltissimo per qualsiasi necessità del fai da te.
Semplicemente il top!!
Pratico, utile, fa ciò che dice!!!
Ormai uso solo questa app per i rilievi. Niente più carta e penna
molto utile, pratica e veloce da usare! ottima applicazione!
Ottima applicazione
Molto comoda 4 stelle perché si può sempre migliorare

Super, Efficace et surtout TRES SIMPLE !!!
J'ai tardé à utiliser cette application que je pensais réservé aux spécialistes mais pas du tout !!! L'application est très intuitive. Faite un dossier pour classer vos dimensions (Maison, Garage, Cabane, Caravane...) La prise de vue est très simple et le flash se déclenche au bon moment, c'est surprenant Le positionnement des dimensions est d'une simplicité exemplaire, vous avez une petite loupe pour vous aider à positionner les extrémintés des flèches Le tout étant extrêment visuel, cela parlera aux non techniciens, donc aux gens qui ont besoin de solutions d'organisation Et voilà !!! vous avez toutes vos dimensions systématiquement avec vous dans les magasins de bricolages... BRAVO aux développeurs pour cette application que je ne peux que recommandé
Parfait 5/5
Formidable ! En tant qu'architecte, j'apprécie le gain de temps que procure "My Measures" qui est bien conçue ET parfaitement réalisée. Cette appli est devenue mon inséparable compagnon de chantier. Elle remplace avec EFFICACITÉ et FIABILITÉ mes croquis cotés. C'est l'antidote parfait des erreurs ou omissions d'un croquis. Aux cotés de mon calepin, ces photos exhaustives me sont devenues indispensables. Les outils complémentaires de la version "Pro" sont très utiles... bienvenus et bien conçus ! Bravo & Merci beaucoup.
Oui mais..,
Formidable application. Mais très instable et impossible d'utiliser iCloud. 4 étoiles tout de même.
My measures
Bravo!... Vraiment bravo!...
Application extrêmement bien réalisée et très utile pour tout bricoleur ou artisan. Envoyer photos avec mesures précises, les garder en mémoire...etc.... Bravo aux développeurs!.... Jelodasou....
Très Bel outil !!
Appli très visuelle
Très pratique pour expliquer des mesures a des personnes tierces!
Très utile pour le boulot, je suis menuisier .
Facile d'utilisation et efficace, manque juste l'optimisation du PDF à l'envoi ..!
Très complet
Super application très complète, permettant d'ajouter toutes les annotations et cotations sur une photo, ou un plan à la volée. Me sert tous les jours pour indiquer rapidement chez un fournisseur des précisions de côtes !!! un croquis vaut parfois mieux qu'une explication téléphonique... ;0)
Utile et pratique
Aldric Nickel
Une appli vraiment utile, utilisation intuitive donc facile à utiliser.
Appli interessante
Bonne appli pour prendre des clichés, les annoter et y porter ses mesures...cette application sera indispensable lorsqu'on pourra y faire un plan complet de la pièce

Margrit Grosse
Einfach in der Benutzung und sehr hilfreich in meinem Beruf.
Tip Top App. Foto machen bemaßen und per Mail in die Firma.
Klasse App.
endlich einfache Aufmaße fertigen.
Photos vor Ort mit dem iPhone machen und bemaßen, dann per Mail verschicken und aufm iPad präsentieren. Einfach und problemlos, wie es sein soll.
(fast) perfekt
Pester Lloyd
... es fehlt die Möglichkeit, auf das Einblenden von Maßeinheiten verzichten zu können, so wie bei CAD üblich. Und es nervt, dass bei nochmaligem Aufruf eines Fotos sofort eine neue Maßlinie eingeblendet wird, obwohl man vielleicht nur das bemaßte Bild ansehen will. Ansonsten tolle App!
Ziggy Zack
Tolle App! Hält was sie verspricht! Auf meiner Wunschliste hätte ich gerne eine Bildoptimierung mit Kontrast/Helligkeitsanpassung und einer Möglichkeit, Kanten und Ecken im Foto anzuheben. Wäre toll!
Klasse App.
Verständlich und leicht zu bedienen. Bilder werden etwas unscharf dargestellt. Allerdings kommen dadurch die Beschriftungen besser zur Geltung.
Super Sache
volker krampe
Eine tolle App., die ich als selbständiger Tischler nur weiterempfehlen kann und schon habe. Einige Details könnten verbessert werden. Man kann leider keine Fotos zoomen und die Lupen werden leider oft vom bearbeitenden Finger verdeckt. Ansonsten eine der sinnvollsten Apps, die ich habe.
Soweit so gut
Genau auf das was ich jetzt nicht finde habe ich lange gewartet. Man konnte nie ein mehr Seitiges PDF von unterwegs versenden weil die Datei viel zu groß war. Jetzt angeblich mit dem neuen Update möglich. ***Nur wie?????***
Hat mir spontan gute Dienste geleistet. Konnte Objektdaten zeitnah aus der City versenden, musste ke
Hat mir spontan gute Dienste geleistet. Konnte Objektdaten zeitnah aus der City versenden, musste keinen Plan zusätzlich zeichnen, hat Zeit und Geld gespart, prima!
Soweit ok
Nixe to have
Gute App
weiter so !

Очень нужная вещь.
Выручает часто
Все Отлично кроме....
Writing Finger
...цены. Полезная штука, но 6 баков за нее дороговато
Хорошая программа
Великолепная программа!
Аркадий Чо
Пользуюсь каждый день и на iPhone и на iPad - отличная программа!
Очень удобный помощник мозгам!!!!!
Одна из лучших программ!
Очень удобная прога!
Замечательная штука
Абсолютно необходима во всех случаях, когда вы пользуетесь любым измерительным инструментом и нужно зафиксировать измерения "в натуре". Берите сразу платную версию. Не пожалеете! Стоит своих денег
я люблю apple за такие вот продукты. твёрдая 5. за 1 доллар вообще люкс.
Очень хорошее и полезное приложение!!!
Отличная и полезная программа!
Разработчики - удобство + синхронизация + сама идея и русская локализация 5 баллов.