My Measures Pro

Powerful application for storing and sharing object dimensions.

A must have tool for real estate agents, engineers, carpenters, architects, auction sellers, construction workers...

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Compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Requires iOS 6.0 or later.

Czech,Turkish,Japanese, Polish and Chinese
Macworld Editors Choice
Dimension everything

Dimension anything

Add dimension arrows, angels or custom text to object on photo. No need to hold paper sketches in your pocket.
Organize your work

Organize your work

Organize dimensions in folders. Easy drag & drop file management.
Share dimensions

Share dimensions

Share your stored dimensions with other people by email as image, PDF or project.
My Measures for iPhone Screenshot Drawing

Picture is worth a thousand words

Remember everything
How many times did you forget what your paper sketch is about? Picture with dimensions will have all details you need to remember.
Others also unterstand when they see it
Did you ever sketched an object that others did not understood? Picture is worth a thousand words and everyone can understand it, even kids
Describe things
Describe and point out details on picture with free text.
Special tools to calculate area, volume and sum arrows. Simple tools to divide or duplicate existing arrows.
My Measures - Organize your work

Organize your work

Photos with names
Set custom file name to each photo. If you are not a home user you might name your files by project, location or customer.
Professional users like engineers, carpenters, architects and construction workers need to organize their projects and locations to folders. You can move photos to folders with easy drag & drop method.
Multiple sharing
Easiest way to share multiple files or folders. Just tap on "Share" button and select files and folders you wish to send. As a professional user you can send measured objects to main office within few seconds. You can also send files as project so other users with My Measures and Dimensions Pro can edit your project.
My Measures many options

Endless possibilities

Different styles
There are 7 different arrow styles. Use style that best describes your measurement. Arrow with one end can be used to point out details or to link text with detail. With text you can choose between three types of bubbles and four colour variations. You can easily increase or decrease the size of the font in the bubble.
Imperial, Metric, Chinese and Japanese units
Support for metric and imperial units with inclusion of feet-inches together. Fractions are also supported in inch unit. Tip: To use fractions in your dimension you have to choose inch unit. Example one: 2 1/4" Press number two then press decimal separator (dot), press number one and press fraction separator / (slash - same button where dot was) and then press number four. If you don't need leading inches just begin with zero instead of number two.
Choose different colors for different arrows. You might choose color that is most visible on your picture or organize arrow dimension by purpose. For example you can use one color to point out outer dimensions and use other color to point out inner object dimensions..

User reviews - testimonials

Works great!
Love it
This app is so beneficial to my work, By allowing me to send pictures with dimensions and notes.
Great app ever !
Cris Revel
This is really useful most have it !
Have you ever given a review?
This app is 378th purchase from iTunes, and my 1st review. If you're reading this you are either considering this purchase, scoping out your competition, or behind the genius that created this app. Respectively, congrats, good luck, and thank you.
Fantastic app
Great little app. I told our salesmen about it and they love it. Just put the dimension where you want it then type in the dimension that you measured. Could not be any simpler. Good job
M Romeo
This tool is priceless to a design builder.
Neat app, glad upgrade fixed the problem saving files. I am finding this to be a very useful tool, one of several I use, having a picture and deminsions really keeps the guess work out of projects I work on across multilple states. Still a bit cumbersome, but I don't regret buying it.
Really nice app like it
Awesome !!!!!!
Engineer or field-tech must-have
Finally an app that speaks to me: an engineer who designs through reverse engineering. I mapped-out the interior structure of a jet aircraft cabin in one afternoon and used the dimensioned images to create solid models of parts to install inside the aircraft the same day. Saved me days of taking photos, documenting dimensions in a notebook and then transferring the dimensions to the photos. Click-dimension-save.
Great app
Kevin Pethoud
This is a great app for diy'ers. Snap pictures put in dimensions and head to the lumber yard!
Love it!!
Amy Meinecke
Pro version is exactly what I was looking for. Especially love the ability to make notes on each photo.
Really like this app
I bought this app at the recommendation of a coworker. I really like the fact that my measurements are right on the picture. Saves a lot of sketching time and I can go back and look at the actual house if I forgot to note something on the quote. Little buggy now and then with the picture taking, but love it when it's working properly.

This is one of those apps you didn't know you needed but use regularly. So often when trying to illustrate a dimension for someone, I quickly snap a photo, annotate the measurements, email and they have it. So clear, no room for errors. Excellent. A real niche idea but so useful.
Hi this is great app for small site surveys
Must have if you are fixing a room up
Brilliant app
B m'lad
Use this every time when measuring up locations for filming. Would be even better if you could use Siri to enter dimensions
Carpentry is helped 100% especially client communication. Worth pro version.
Great for site work
Top taper
Great tool for collecting information on site. Take a photo of additional works, variations or damage and add notes to the pic. Adding dimensions is effective too. Improvements would be to include the photo in your photo stream for other uses. Also it crashes a lot and sometimes the photo you have just taken vanishes. All in all though, a great little app.
Wow ,,, really useful ,,, cool app
This is a really cool and useful app surprisingly very accurate really really cool I lay wooding and laminate flooring for a living and this app makes my job a a lot easier thanks a lot I thought I'd seen it all but this is something new can't be leave it ,,,, cool app !!!
Top class app
Fred mercury
Cracking little tool..
My Measures just got a whole lot better! The additional features in the Pro version are well worth the money and just saves valuable time with the iCloud feature whilst making those pictures more presentable to colleagues and clients too! Can't wait for the OSX version for the Mac just hope it's compatible with OS Lion!
Just brilliant
Simple concept cleverly designed - superb. Don't mess about, go for the 'Pro' version
Really useful in double glazing
Really good app for measuring and presentation in the double glazing industry would be 5 star with a Dropbox feature though. Keep the updates coming
Great app
And very useful

Bastante cómoda de usar
israel del olmo
Muy útil
Lo único negativo es que el dedo no te permite una precisión óptima y cuesta un poco acotar con precisión, pero por lo general es excelente! Hay que practicar un poco
Muy buena
Muy buena
Fácil de usar
Muy practica
Yolanda de S.L.
Resulta muy útil muy sencilla se manejo
Práctica y fácil de manejar
Pato Rojo 33
Sencilla y práctica, con un diseño cuidado, atractivo y muy funcional. Es una excelente opción.
Ideal para ir al IKEA jeje, no le pongo 5 estrellas por el precio aunque muchos la conseguimos gratis desde una promoción :)
Muy buena
Muy util
Parece mentira que un concepto tan sencillo sea tan funcional, ya era buena la version normal, pero la pro con sus nuevas funciones y sincronizacion con la nube la hacen perfecta, quizas lo unico que echo en falta es una opcion de poder volver a una version anterior si metes la pata, ya que para eso los undos no funcionan muy bien.
5 Estrellas!
Si antes era genial ahora con la nueva actualización se han ganado una nueva estrella.

Ottima app, indispensabile per rilievi veloci e accurati.. Il prezzo un po alto pero.
Sembra fare ció che promette
Io la uso per prendere misure non troppo precise di facciate esterne di edifici per poi redigere i pimus x le impalcature, faccio la foto e poi scrivo direttamente la misura sull' ipad..... Comodo e veloce, soldi ben spesi x quel che mi riguarda.
Ottimo ma migliorabile
Ottima app, da acquistare, migliorabile se ci fosse la possibilita' di disegnare anche a mano libera e esportare il file su livelli.
Ottima. Per i rilievi e perfetta. Vale anche x caricare le misure.ora devo imparare a trasferire le immagini e le misure sovrapposte nel mio pc. Spero si possa fare. Comunque complimenti a voi. L'ottimale sarebbe che inserendo poche misure sia capace calcolare le altre in modo proporzionale. Chiedo troppo?
Fantastica app
Riccardo D'Andrea
Soldi spesi bene
Ormai uso solo questa app per i rilievi. Niente più carta e penna
Prendi le misure...
Utilissima applicazione per ricordare le varie misure del mio fai da te. Peccato per il suo funzionamento...2 soli giorni!!! Gentili signori...lo vogliamo rendere utile a tutti gli effetti????? Grazie
Semplice ma potente
La sto utilizzando per arredare casa: vale più di mille parole quando sei in mobilificio e già diversi di loro mi hanno chiesto il nome. Unita all'ipad è una bomba!
Ottima app, se ci fosse la possibilita' di utilizzare come sfondo anche file PDF oltre che le foto sarebbe imbattibile!!! Comunque con le foto funziona alla grande.
Ottima app
Semplice intuitiva molto utile
Intuitivo, comodo da usare per lavoro perché' con pochi click riesco a prendere un sacco di misure oltre che a rimanere traccia fotografica di ciò' che serve.
Veramente ben fatta e utile

Appli très visuelle
Très pratique pour expliquer des mesures a des personnes tierces!
Je suis tuyauteur et c est pile ce qu'il me faut. Je le conseil vivement.
Très pratique
Étant technicien de maintenance dans l'industrie, j'étais souvent confronté à faire des relevés de cotes, faire des croquis à la main, scanner tout ça, et archiver informatiquement pour envoie de mail ou dossier. Fini tout ça. Un clic et j'ai tout dans le Pc. 😏
App très pratique et utile sur le terrain
Programme parfait pour prise de mesures de fermetures
Découverte grâce à sa promotion, j'ai rentabilisé l'application en 2h ! gain de temps et très pratique.
À choisir
Monsieur pic
Parfait pour les prises de côtes avec visuels de détails. Pour les constats sur accidents ( police) Pour les constats sur sinistre ( particuliers ou assureurs) Pour repérer des emplacements pour vos nouveaux meubles ou trouvailles De vide greniers Bref Incontournable
My mesure
Pas mal !!!
Encore très bien...
Bon certes elle est plus chère que 0,79 cents... Près de 4 euros je crois mais cela reste moins cher qu 'un paquet de cigarettes je crois et cela rend plus de services j'en suis sûr. Ce serait bien si l'aide était en Français aussi. Et puis je suis sûr qu'on peut encore l'améliorer. Passer d'une gratuite à une Lite, était-ce payant ? Passer à une pro, oui, c'est payant mais est-ce que cela comporte aussi des Maj non payantes ? Je ne sais pas.
My measures
Très pratique dans mon métier , je suis cuisiniste et cette appli me sert tous les jours
Jerome BUIL
Indispensable, un gain de temps considérable
Appli nickel :)

Bisher alles gut
Hab mir die app gekauft um beim Bauvorhaben alles zu dokumentieren und nachzumessen. Klappt bisher alles einwandfrei, die Eingabe ist intuitiv (muss nicht auf Punkt oder Komma umstellen) die Darstellung gut. Die Berechnung von Strecken aufgrund zweier Referenzstrecken hab ich noch nicht versucht - denke allerdings dass diese Funktion nicht unbedingt wirklich praktikabel bzw. sehr genau ist/sein kann. Versenden der beschrifteten Bilder klappt einwandfrei, genauso wie die Sync mit icloud (hier hat die erste sync allerdings etwas lange gedauert). Alles in allem bin ich bisher zufrieden - App macht was sie soll, nicht mehr aber auch nicht weniger!
Soweit ok
Nixe to have
Gut, aber...
Das arbeiten mit dieser App. macht auf Dauer keinen Spass, weil die App. ständig abstürzt und dann fängt man wieder von vorne an, wenn man vorher nicht zwischendurch gespeichert hat. 😡 Insgesamt ist sie nicht schlecht.
Am anfang alles supi, nach update startet das programm nicht mehr??? Handy ein aus - nio! Programm gelöscht und wieder install. - nio! Und nu??? Warte noch a zeit und wenns dann nicht geht möchte ich eine gutschrift.... NACH LETZTEM UPDATE WİEDER ALLES SUUUUPİİİİİ.... 30.10.2011
Super Sache
volker krampe
Eine tolle App., die ich als selbständiger Tischler nur weiterempfehlen kann und schon habe. Einige Details könnten verbessert werden. Man kann leider keine Fotos zoomen und die Lupen werden leider oft vom bearbeitenden Finger verdeckt. Ansonsten eine der sinnvollsten Apps, die ich habe.
Klasse App.
Verständlich und leicht zu bedienen. Bilder werden etwas unscharf dargestellt. Allerdings kommen dadurch die Beschriftungen besser zur Geltung.
Gute App
weiter so !
Tolles App.
David spickers
Hat mir Super bei der Planung unserer neuen Wohnung geholfen. Hätte eigentlich 5 Sterne vergeben, jedoch stürzt die App manchmal ab sodass man einige Schritte wiederholen muss (ipad 4).
Sehr nützlich!
Bei allen möglichen Gelegenheiten im Haushalt hat sich die App als sehr nützlich erwiesen... Möbelumbau, Planung der Raumnutzung oder Platz in Möbeln, alles lässt sich so besser merken als eine handgemalte Skizze.
Kleiner Abzug
Nico Protze
Leider ist es nicht möglich einen Plan als PDF einzuspielen. Außerdem ist die Möglichkeit Dateien zwischen den Ordnern zu verschieben sehr beschränkt. Das versenden per E-Mail funktioniert bei mir leider auch nicht.
Nach update funktioniert das Programm leider nicht mehr, es stürzt sofort nach dem Start wieder ab.
Seibold Werbung
Mal sehen wann der Fehler wieder behoben wird!? Wie es vorher noch funktionierte war es eine super Hilfe für das aufmass!!!
Sehr gut
weiter so

Спасибо! Очень выручает !
Полезная програмка
Раздражает подсказка при редактировании фото!
Великолепная программа!
Аркадий Чо
Пользуюсь каждый день и на iPhone и на iPad - отличная программа!
Вылетает при открытии изготовленного файла. Открываешь и файла нет. Удален. Отчет об ошибке отправил, жду! А за идею 5.
прога просто супер !!!
Замечательная программа !!!
Спасибо !
Просто и удобно!
Отличная программа для работы и дома. Удобно по одному измерению вычисляет прочие.
Хорошая программа
Очень выручает функция "приблизительный размер", сама вычисляет все размеры по одному заданному. Твердая пятерка.
Очень полезная программа!
Tyukavin Anton
В принципе, нужна не только строителям, но и нормальным мужикам, у которых руки не "сами знаете, откуда". :)
Хорошая программа
На iPhone надо приловчиться, а так все просто и удобно.
Классная прога . Еще бы мерила сама.