My Measures Pro

Powerful application for storing and sharing object dimensions.

A must have tool for real estate agents, engineers, carpenters, architects, auction sellers, construction workers...

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Compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Requires iOS 6.0 or later.

Czech,Turkish,Japanese, Polish and Chinese
Macworld Editors Choice
Dimension everything

Dimension anything

Add dimension arrows, angels or custom text to object on photo. No need to hold paper sketches in your pocket.
Organize your work

Organize your work

Organize dimensions in folders. Easy drag & drop file management.
Share dimensions

Share dimensions

Share your stored dimensions with other people by email as image, PDF or project.
My Measures for iPhone Screenshot Drawing

Picture is worth a thousand words

Remember everything
How many times did you forget what your paper sketch is about? Picture with dimensions will have all details you need to remember.
Others also unterstand when they see it
Did you ever sketched an object that others did not understood? Picture is worth a thousand words and everyone can understand it, even kids
Describe things
Describe and point out details on picture with free text.
Special tools to calculate area, volume and sum arrows. Simple tools to divide or duplicate existing arrows.
My Measures - Organize your work

Organize your work

Photos with names
Set custom file name to each photo. If you are not a home user you might name your files by project, location or customer.
Professional users like engineers, carpenters, architects and construction workers need to organize their projects and locations to folders. You can move photos to folders with easy drag & drop method.
Multiple sharing
Easiest way to share multiple files or folders. Just tap on "Share" button and select files and folders you wish to send. As a professional user you can send measured objects to main office within few seconds. You can also send files as project so other users with My Measures and Dimensions Pro can edit your project.
My Measures many options

Endless possibilities

Different styles
There are 7 different arrow styles. Use style that best describes your measurement. Arrow with one end can be used to point out details or to link text with detail. With text you can choose between three types of bubbles and four colour variations. You can easily increase or decrease the size of the font in the bubble.
Imperial, Metric, Chinese and Japanese units
Support for metric and imperial units with inclusion of feet-inches together. Fractions are also supported in inch unit. Tip: To use fractions in your dimension you have to choose inch unit. Example one: 2 1/4" Press number two then press decimal separator (dot), press number one and press fraction separator / (slash - same button where dot was) and then press number four. If you don't need leading inches just begin with zero instead of number two.
Choose different colors for different arrows. You might choose color that is most visible on your picture or organize arrow dimension by purpose. For example you can use one color to point out outer dimensions and use other color to point out inner object dimensions..

User reviews - testimonials

Awesome, but crashes too much lately
Almost 5 star-fix bugs so it stops crashing. Works great for communicating with contractors, furniture stores, and designers. Photos with dimensions on them says it all-beats trying to describe and draw sketches. Taken pictures of all rooms of my house. Always have my phone with me anyway so now I always have my dimensions too.
Awesome!!! App!!!
Extremely useful app!!
My Measures good buy at almost any price.
Bought this app--tried it and immediately bought 7 iPads 3's for our project managers. This will pay for those in about a week just in time saved. Heck--the program doesn't know what you are sending. Add text to anything hit send and you are good to go.
Love it
Karimov A
Fantastic app
Great app for the Job
Window Installer
I Install Windows for a living and the first step is to measure the dimensions of the project and then send to the window/glass company for manufacturing an now I just take a pic and put the measurements and send them. I save time and mistake in the sketches I used before. Noe every understands exactly what I need.
Handy. Useful. Brilliant.
I owned a Blackberry. A friend showed me this app because he thought it would make my job easier. He was right..... I now own an iPhone
Drew Carlisle
Great But Simple
This app is just what I was looking for a quick way to document houses. I use this app with my laser measurer.
So easy
This app is increadibly easy to use. Other developers need to look at it for how simple it is.
Pro measure
Great app
Love it!!
Amy Meinecke
Pro version is exactly what I was looking for. Especially love the ability to make notes on each photo.
Mr Pach
I love it 5 star

Very good - save me a lot of work... Renovating at the time - now I got all the measurements at hand...
My measures pro
The best app on i store has just got better, a must have for anyone who has to survey anything in their line of work. I use this app Constantly and would be lost without it.
Superb software
Professional software that gets better with every update
Top Ten App
This app is a must for any iPhone owner. Take the guesswork out of your measuring no more scraps of paper!!!!
Awesome applications no more pen and paper thanks keep update and forward. Thanks
Jumbo NHZ
Great app. What did I ever do without it?
Steelman Adam
I'd be lost without it if I couldn't take this with me to every site survey/job. It saves me loads of time not having to draw everything up, and dimensioning is a doddle! I often email back the dimentions and details of the job I want manufacturing and it can be made in the workshop before I get there. It's a great tool for recording work and projects.
Very intuitive. A must bye.
Amazing just the job, love it!!!!!!
My best tool
Levi Mars
Warning! Once you have used this you won't be able to live without it. Ace
Superb app
Anyone in construction cannot be without this app no more scanning photos and drawing on dimensions to email to sub contractors yippee
Sometimes have pop ups and help messages that I cannot get rid of so I have to close the image and open it again. Other than that really good!!

Muy buena app
🎵📀 Frankie 📀🎵
Buena Apple para todos los que tenemos que medir.
Una aplicación totalmente aplicabe
Marcos G Zincke
Total satisfacción en el uso de esta app, sencilla, intuitiva y muy práctica. Cinco estrellas porque no hay más.
muy practica y efectiva
Genial, ahorra trabajo y ordena las medidas con referencias visuales.
Simplemente genial
Claro, sencillo y básico, justo lo que necesitaba pero ahora mejorado
Muy practica
Yolanda de S.L.
Resulta muy útil muy sencilla se manejo
Sehr nützlich !
In der alltäglichen Arbeit ist dieses schnell erreichbar Programm eine sehr nützlicher Helfer um bildliche Informationen, die mehr als 1000 Worte sagen, schnell auch versenden zu können. Weiter so!
Baya cavada de juego
La versión PRO. Amplifica las posibilidades, no lo dudes, te va a facilitar tu trabajo y puedes compartir proyectos con otros usuarios que tengan esta aplicación. Fantasticaaaaaaaaaaaa...........
Muy satisfecho
Esta claro que con mi dinero hago lo que quiero y si encima esta bien gastado pues doble satisfacción , esta app me esta siendo súper útil y en español gracias , súper útil .
La utilizo muy a menudo y es de gran ayuda en los presupuestos
De las mejores sin duda
Para mi de las mas practicas y bien resueltas APPs.. Y maxime con la version PRO.. Es de las q mas uso, x mi trabajo me viene genial y funciona a la perfeccion..
Muy practico te ahorras papel

Strumento utile e pratico.
Pratico, utile, e molto comodo sul tablet.
Marco Bojocchi
Veramente ben fatta!
Molto utile
Immediato e semplice. Spero sia ulteriormente implementabile Comunque bravi
Grande App
Antonio Muratori
Perfetta e utilissima... Mai stato capsce di disegnare ció che dovevo misurare! Consigliatissimo a chi deve fare o restaurare casa, ingegneri, architetti, geometri o semplicemente chi va a comprare mobili e ha bisogno dietro con sé le misure di una parte di casa... DA AVERE
Perfetto per l' edilizia
Utile nel lavoro
Pratica e ben fatta
Molto ben fatta. La uso moltissimo. Unico neo, vorrei poter gestire i lavori per cartelle. Sono poche le app a farlo...
Beppe Quazzo
Programma molto utile e sopratutto molto intuitivo per l'uso!!!
Insostituibile sul lavoro e anche nel tempo libero Da avere assolutamente
Un po' macchinoso
Buona applicazione
Medico persiano
Per ora pare onesto. Per quel che costa ne vale la pena. Foto e misure e appunti contemporaneamente. Non male.

Parfait !
je viens d'emmenager dans un nouveau logement cet outil me rend exactement le service attendu et de façon très efficace.Bravo!
Génial!!!! (V1.2)
C'est super pratique car toutes les côtes dans la poche. Merci pour cette appli
Kool spencer
Très bonne application pour les brico plus besoin de craillon et de papier
Utile et pratique
Aldric Nickel
Une appli vraiment utile, utilisation intuitive donc facile à utiliser.
Très utile!!!
Impeccable! Je l'utilise chaque jour. (architecte)
Très comptant de trouver des applique aussi pratique comme celui ci Je suis cuisiniste et pour prendre toutes mes côté, je n'est plus à les dessiner sur papier la photo me permet de ne rien oublier. Non vraiment je recommande. Il y aurai plus d'étoile j'en mettrai 5 de plus seul problème au tableau les photos sont prise dans un sans et ne peut pas être inverser dommage et il manque une fonction panoramique
Excellente application
Très bonne app. Simple d'utilisation, très complète, et iCloud intégré.
Great and absolutely indispensable
Thanks guys for this great app, probably one of the best I've ever seen! I use it every day in my job : no more paper, no more lost informations! Bravo!
Indispensable pour noter proprement des cotations et des légendes.
Christophe Sarl Micouleau jc
Super appli très pratique
Bonne mesure
Très pratiques
Super apli. Tres pratique, qui evite beaucoup de maipulation

Sehr gut
weiter so
Hat mir spontan gute Dienste geleistet. Konnte Objektdaten zeitnah aus der City versenden, musste ke
Hat mir spontan gute Dienste geleistet. Konnte Objektdaten zeitnah aus der City versenden, musste keinen Plan zusätzlich zeichnen, hat Zeit und Geld gespart, prima!
Kann ich ruhigen Gewissens weiterempfehlen.
Macht das beschriebene zuverlässig und schnell. Für Bastler eine gute Hilfe um schnell und einfach die Masse von etwas zu notieren. Wenn es allerdings darum geht etwas zu planen kommt man dann doch meist nicht drumherum eine Zeichnung zu machen. Zeichnen in der Fotografie geht nämlich nicht. Aber alles ist ja irgendwie ausbaufähig.
Super App.
Sehr gute App., ich benutze sie täglich auf der Baustelle. Doch eine Funktion fehlt mir: leider kann man keine Grenz- bzw. Begrenzungslinien einfügen, perfekt für mich wäre es, wenn man dann noch diese Linie zu einer Kurve bzw. Kreisausschnitt verändern könnte.
Weiter so , Menüführung verbessern,
Gute App
weiter so !
Funktional mit kleinen Schwächen
Bedienung könnte einfacher sein. Bei der Lupe sind oft die eigenen Finger im Weg ... Programmierung bitte optimieren, Stabilität und meist wird in der Übersicht ein falsches Bild angezeigt, das sich nach Umbenennung selber korrigiert. Kostete mich Nerven und Zeit bis ich das verstanden hatte. Sonst sehr hilfreich
Tolles App.
David spickers
Hat mir Super bei der Planung unserer neuen Wohnung geholfen. Hätte eigentlich 5 Sterne vergeben, jedoch stürzt die App manchmal ab sodass man einige Schritte wiederholen muss (ipad 4).
Soweit ok
Nixe to have
Gut, aber...
Das arbeiten mit dieser App. macht auf Dauer keinen Spass, weil die App. ständig abstürzt und dann fängt man wieder von vorne an, wenn man vorher nicht zwischendurch gespeichert hat. 😡 Insgesamt ist sie nicht schlecht.
Icloud ???
An sich super Aber die Synchronisation zwischen 4s und pad funktioniert garnicht. Da werden Ordner gelöscht und ... Wenn das noch geht dann 5 🌟
Margrit Grosse
Einfach in der Benutzung und sehr hilfreich in meinem Beruf.

Отличная прога. Жаль вас раньше не было, мог бы столько времени сохранить. Но все равно куплю, что бы была.
Отличное приложение
Прекрасное приложение, особенно удобно при покупке мебели в квартиру. Если вы делаете ремонт и Вам нужно быстро сделать измерения оконных проёмов, дверей стен и потом ещё понять, что Вы измеряли, то это приложение реально подойдёт для такой задачи. У меня только положительные впечатления, поставил максимальную оценку. Разработчикам спасибо!
Отличное приложение
K@T Klim
Простое в использовании, лаконичное и полезное приложение.
Супер обновление!
Молодцы, удобнее проработали интерфейс! 🔰
Piękna програмка- задоволена нею
Делал ремонт, эта прога просто выручила. С ее помощью нет необходимости таскать бумажки, с размерами, по магазинам. Пользуюсь давно еще с обычной версии, которая сейчас бесплатно, ее тоже хватает.
Sir Ascaron
Нормальное приложение, все работает. Не разобрался только, как фотки в архив скинуть.
Очень удобно и наглядно
Рекомендую всем
Все очень удобно и эргономично. Сразу во всем разобрался, конечно на айпаде было бы удобнее, но на айфоне тоже ничего)
Отличное приложение
Классная прога . Еще бы мерила сама.
Она была у меня, взял про, пусть будет..