My Measures Pro

Powerful application for storing and sharing object dimensions.

A must have tool for real estate agents, engineers, carpenters, architects, auction sellers, construction workers...

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Compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Requires iOS 6.0 or later.

Czech,Turkish,Japanese, Polish and Chinese
Macworld Editors Choice
Dimension everything

Dimension anything

Add dimension arrows, angels or custom text to object on photo. No need to hold paper sketches in your pocket.
Organize your work

Organize your work

Organize dimensions in folders. Easy drag & drop file management.
Share dimensions

Share dimensions

Share your stored dimensions with other people by email as image, PDF or project.
My Measures for iPhone Screenshot Drawing

Picture is worth a thousand words

Remember everything
How many times did you forget what your paper sketch is about? Picture with dimensions will have all details you need to remember.
Others also unterstand when they see it
Did you ever sketched an object that others did not understood? Picture is worth a thousand words and everyone can understand it, even kids
Describe things
Describe and point out details on picture with free text.
Special tools to calculate area, volume and sum arrows. Simple tools to divide or duplicate existing arrows.
My Measures - Organize your work

Organize your work

Photos with names
Set custom file name to each photo. If you are not a home user you might name your files by project, location or customer.
Professional users like engineers, carpenters, architects and construction workers need to organize their projects and locations to folders. You can move photos to folders with easy drag & drop method.
Multiple sharing
Easiest way to share multiple files or folders. Just tap on "Share" button and select files and folders you wish to send. As a professional user you can send measured objects to main office within few seconds. You can also send files as project so other users with My Measures and Dimensions Pro can edit your project.
My Measures many options

Endless possibilities

Different styles
There are 7 different arrow styles. Use style that best describes your measurement. Arrow with one end can be used to point out details or to link text with detail. With text you can choose between three types of bubbles and four colour variations. You can easily increase or decrease the size of the font in the bubble.
Imperial, Metric, Chinese and Japanese units
Support for metric and imperial units with inclusion of feet-inches together. Fractions are also supported in inch unit. Tip: To use fractions in your dimension you have to choose inch unit. Example one: 2 1/4" Press number two then press decimal separator (dot), press number one and press fraction separator / (slash - same button where dot was) and then press number four. If you don't need leading inches just begin with zero instead of number two.
Choose different colors for different arrows. You might choose color that is most visible on your picture or organize arrow dimension by purpose. For example you can use one color to point out outer dimensions and use other color to point out inner object dimensions..

User reviews - testimonials

Fantastic app
This app is a no brainier. I am a contractor that does a lot of estimates and looks at a tremendous amount of jobs. Having this app makes my job so easy. It is a very quick learning curve and so easy to use once you get use to it. I would highly recommend this app for anyone that has to look at a project of any kind and then has to go back to your notes to do your job.
I love this ap it's a great tool it works great makes life easy . I can store photos with measurements and review them later. Or send them to vendors and or co workers
Great app
I use this app all the time. I must have sold 20 people on it just by using it. Makes my life as a furniture maker so much easier.
dsj oh cle
Like but it would be nice if you could zoom in and out when picture is lock and maybe be able to crop
Very Surprised!
This is a great easy way to document measurements. Very intuitive and easy to use. This is hands down the best app I have downloaded for my iPad!
Cam Andrus
Cameron Andrus
I'm using the product for a formal presentation.
Pau Hana 2
This App is perfect proof that a picture is worth a thousand words. I use it to create the plans for my projects. It works wonderfully. Thanks.
Extremely useful!
I'm a union electrician & I have to say I use this app constantly for work & home. Makes note taking super easy. I love the fact that I can take the dimensions & then send the image to the shop so they can see exactly what I measured. Well worth the price, also whenever I use it, it never fails to impress. One of those apps that show off the value of the iPhone! Stew IBEW LU3
Pro measure
Great app
Love it
Karimov A
Fantastic app
Really nice app like it
Awesome !!!!!!
Merab Janjghava

Steelman Adam
I'd be lost without it if I couldn't take this with me to every site survey/job. It saves me loads of time not having to draw everything up, and dimensioning is a doddle! I often email back the dimentions and details of the job I want manufacturing and it can be made in the workshop before I get there. It's a great tool for recording work and projects.
Great app.
Mark Bowman
I use it most days For work, love it!!!!!!!!!
One of the more Useful Apps
Using it more and more. Saves time and having to look for a pencil and paper every time you need a quick measurement.
Professional app great on site and on the road,
Very useful tool. Great for my job - shop fitting surveys.
Lee Pawlett
I'm a sign maker and use this app everyday it works fantastic and is very easy to use
Excellent, takes the guess work out of survey drawings
How did I manage without this app.
Thos Moss
Amazing app. Allows accurate survey and info to be sent direct back to office so design amends can be made immediately.
Great app for at work or home!
A very useful app!
S Gavin
I like thus app. I do a lot of sketches for woodwork and building projects, both DIY and for my job. Having dimensioned photographs in MyMeasures is a really helpful addition; even before its other benefits. There was a recent problem that prevented the app opening. MyMeasures' team responded quickly to my email and a fixed upgrade was available in days.
Good base app
Nolonger Apple fan
It is a good base app. Nice effort but a lot will need improving like thickness of arrows that will improve its professional use

Muy buena...
Muy buena y útil
La uso bastante y me ayuda en los proyectos.
5 Estrellas!
Si antes era genial ahora con la nueva actualización se han ganado una nueva estrella.
Me encanta
Muy buena aplicación, me encanta y me adelanta trabajo...
Fantástica y muy útil
Muy original. Muy útil para comprar muebles o tomar medidas para amueblar la casa
La mejor
La mejor aplicacion para tomar notas y medidas sobre fotos
Práctica y fácil de manejar
Pato Rojo 33
Sencilla y práctica, con un diseño cuidado, atractivo y muy funcional. Es una excelente opción.
En su campo es la mejor
La utilizo muy a menudo y es de gran ayuda en los presupuestos
Bastante cómoda de usar
israel del olmo
Desde que la baje es una apps que la utilizo a diario para mi es buenísima

Idea davvero intelligente
Ben fatta, funziona benissimo, cinque stelle!
Insostituibile sul lavoro e anche nel tempo libero Da avere assolutamente
Ottima App ma....
Una volta inserita un immagine in una cartella non si può spostare... fatta una foto ogni tanto capita che diventa parzialmente o totalmente nera e bisogna riavviare l'app... mi è capitato di vedere per qualche secondo la springboard in macro con solo 2 o 3 icone grandissime! Fondamentale però è una grande app 0,79 cent meritatissimi!!!!Una volta sistemati quei piccoli bug sudetti merita veramente 6 stelle!!!
Non ho ancora aggiornato... Quindi aspetto. Fin'ora ottima app. 5 stelle super meritate.
molto utile per il bricolage, comodo avere sempre con se le misure per i vari lavori da svolgere.
Utile è bella.
Per il mio lavoro é ottima.
Bravi 5 stelle meritate
Marco's Cer
Ottimo strumento lavorativo. Non lo uso spesso ma quando mi serve é impagabile. Puó risultare un pó macchinoso in certi casi ma nel complesso direi ottimo come da titolo
Ottima applicazione. Consigliata.
Molto semplice e facile tener traccia di tutto ciò che può servire, anche fotograficamente. Complimenti
My measures
Molto utile e funzionale....! Il prezzo rispetto ad altre semplici applicazioni è troppo alto!! In caso di ribasso del prezzo ,sicuramente le vendite saranno triplicate!!

My measures
Très pratique dans mon métier , je suis cuisiniste et cette appli me sert tous les jours
Indispensable pour noter proprement des cotations et des légendes.
Bloc note interactif
La planche17
Plus besoin de stylo et de papier une photo prise de cotes et ces fini trop cool
Application au top
Eric Moreau
je m'en sert pour mon travail sur des chantiers pour de la signalétique sur ipad on prend la photo puis on note les mesures nécessaires. Ensuite il suffit de la transférer soit sur ordi pour travailler dessus soit ver le client pour commentaires ou devis. Bonne app assez intuitive.
C'est une application très utile et indispensable pour certains corps de métiers et même pour d'autres utilisations ponctuelles Je la recommande
Application très pratique à laquelle il manque cruellement la possibilité d'annuler une cote. Il faut alors tout annuler et recommencer à zéro. A implémenter absolument.
Devenu indispensable. 😊
Fini les petits bouts de papier avec le croquis et les dimensions et qu'on a perdu quand on en a besoin. J'ai maintenant toujours sur moi la photo de l'entrée avec les dimensions pour accueillir le nouveau meuble que je trouverai un jour et plein d'autres photos du même genre. Un superbe outil!!!!
Très utile
Je bricole dans ma maison en ce moment, et cette app est l'outil le moins cher que j'ai acheté ! Avec la dernière MAJ, ça refonctionne impeccable.
Un outil de plus dans l'i phone
C'est vraiment un super outil pour le bâtiment
Top du top
Excellent appli facile à prendre en main. Bien sur ce n'est pas pour un usage professionnel mais cela s'en rapproche grandement. Ne pas hésiter
Tres utile
Fini les croquis qui se perdent, bien pratique. Et pour ceux qui se plaignent de ne pouvoir supprimer une cote... Il y a une gomme dans les outils.

Super Sache
volker krampe
Eine tolle App., die ich als selbständiger Tischler nur weiterempfehlen kann und schon habe. Einige Details könnten verbessert werden. Man kann leider keine Fotos zoomen und die Lupen werden leider oft vom bearbeitenden Finger verdeckt. Ansonsten eine der sinnvollsten Apps, die ich habe.
Tip Top App. Foto machen bemaßen und per Mail in die Firma.
Einfach toll diese App.
Effektiv und gut
Ich arbeite im Mobilfunk, derzeit bauen wir LTE für verschiedene Anbieter. Oftmals ist es leider so, daß wir zum Mast kommen und Bauvorleistungen falsch erbracht wurden. Zum Beispiel falsche Längen. Solche Fehler müssen per Foto an die Projektleitung gesendet werden. Mit Hilfe dieser App sind lange Erklärungen im Mailtext Geschichte. Ein Foto, einige Markierungen und fertig.
Kleiner Abzug
Nico Protze
Leider ist es nicht möglich einen Plan als PDF einzuspielen. Außerdem ist die Möglichkeit Dateien zwischen den Ordnern zu verschieben sehr beschränkt. Das versenden per E-Mail funktioniert bei mir leider auch nicht.
Soweit so gut
Genau auf das was ich jetzt nicht finde habe ich lange gewartet. Man konnte nie ein mehr Seitiges PDF von unterwegs versenden weil die Datei viel zu groß war. Jetzt angeblich mit dem neuen Update möglich. ***Nur wie?????***
Weiter so , Menüführung verbessern,
Kann ich ruhigen Gewissens weiterempfehlen.
Macht das beschriebene zuverlässig und schnell. Für Bastler eine gute Hilfe um schnell und einfach die Masse von etwas zu notieren. Wenn es allerdings darum geht etwas zu planen kommt man dann doch meist nicht drumherum eine Zeichnung zu machen. Zeichnen in der Fotografie geht nämlich nicht. Aber alles ist ja irgendwie ausbaufähig.
Soweit ok
Nixe to have
Gute App
weiter so !
Am anfang alles supi, nach update startet das programm nicht mehr??? Handy ein aus - nio! Programm gelöscht und wieder install. - nio! Und nu??? Warte noch a zeit und wenns dann nicht geht möchte ich eine gutschrift.... NACH LETZTEM UPDATE WİEDER ALLES SUUUUPİİİİİ.... 30.10.2011
Praktisch, Fotodokumentation überzeugt. Pfeilpositionierung detailgenau,Einheitsangabenumstellungen etwas umständlich.

Отпад башки
Качнул и уже опробовал !!!! Очень удобно!!!!!! Побольше бы таких прог!!!!!
Просто офигенная программа, спасибо разработчикам, вы делаете вещи!!!
Очень пригодилась
Очень удобная программа. Использовал ее при строительстве дачного дома и при ремонте квартиры. Все нужные размеры и расстояния всегда с собой. Проверить встает ли мебель, пожалуйста, какой длины карниз для штор или сами шторы, опять же все под рукой. А если что надо партнерам по работе объяснить, так вообще за пару секунд. Твердая пятерка.
Одна из лучших программ!
Very useful !
Очень удобно и круто!
Очень крутая прога, удобная в работе и быту. Работаешь на интуитивном уровне!
Хорошая программа
Все ок. Побольше бы такого действительно полезного софта.
Просто класс!!!
как раз сейчас необходима!! удобная штука для того чтобы не оъяснять на пальцах чего хотелось бы. НО как убрать эти подсказки на экране?!?!!?раздражает сильно!!!
I need zoom on photo. I want to take a picture of plan and than to make dimension over it.
Большие возможности.
Она стоит того
1. Оперативная работа - с этим выручает удобный интерфейс. 2. Техническое задание - удобно отправлять в разных вариантах замеры. 3. Синхронизация - благодаря iCloud вседоступность не проблема. Вылетает во время работы? - Может пора менять гаджет? Или меньше делать джейлБрэйки? Она стоит своих денег!