My Measures Pro

Powerful application for storing and sharing object dimensions.

A must have tool for real estate agents, engineers, carpenters, architects, auction sellers, construction workers...

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Compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Requires iOS 6.0 or later.

Czech,Turkish,Japanese, Polish and Chinese
Macworld Editors Choice
Dimension everything

Dimension anything

Add dimension arrows, angels or custom text to object on photo. No need to hold paper sketches in your pocket.
Organize your work

Organize your work

Organize dimensions in folders. Easy drag & drop file management.
Share dimensions

Share dimensions

Share your stored dimensions with other people by email as image, PDF or project.
My Measures for iPhone Screenshot Drawing

Picture is worth a thousand words

Remember everything
How many times did you forget what your paper sketch is about? Picture with dimensions will have all details you need to remember.
Others also unterstand when they see it
Did you ever sketched an object that others did not understood? Picture is worth a thousand words and everyone can understand it, even kids
Describe things
Describe and point out details on picture with free text.
Special tools to calculate area, volume and sum arrows. Simple tools to divide or duplicate existing arrows.
My Measures - Organize your work

Organize your work

Photos with names
Set custom file name to each photo. If you are not a home user you might name your files by project, location or customer.
Professional users like engineers, carpenters, architects and construction workers need to organize their projects and locations to folders. You can move photos to folders with easy drag & drop method.
Multiple sharing
Easiest way to share multiple files or folders. Just tap on "Share" button and select files and folders you wish to send. As a professional user you can send measured objects to main office within few seconds. You can also send files as project so other users with My Measures and Dimensions Pro can edit your project.
My Measures many options

Endless possibilities

Different styles
There are 7 different arrow styles. Use style that best describes your measurement. Arrow with one end can be used to point out details or to link text with detail. With text you can choose between three types of bubbles and four colour variations. You can easily increase or decrease the size of the font in the bubble.
Imperial, Metric, Chinese and Japanese units
Support for metric and imperial units with inclusion of feet-inches together. Fractions are also supported in inch unit. Tip: To use fractions in your dimension you have to choose inch unit. Example one: 2 1/4" Press number two then press decimal separator (dot), press number one and press fraction separator / (slash - same button where dot was) and then press number four. If you don't need leading inches just begin with zero instead of number two.
Choose different colors for different arrows. You might choose color that is most visible on your picture or organize arrow dimension by purpose. For example you can use one color to point out outer dimensions and use other color to point out inner object dimensions..

User reviews - testimonials

Great tool
Can't wait till I can sink it with a desk top version
Works as advertised.
Great app!
Very handy
Good app. Export to PDF should compress file size a bit more. Tried to share 5 pics of kitchen cabinets via PDF and file size was 60mb...too big to email.
Neat app
Rockwall fan
Very helpful. I just need to get faster.
Sketcher One
As others have said a REDO button would be great. Also a way to ZOOM in on a portion of the screen would be great. This app does allow you to take one known length as a baseline in a picture and find the other lengths or angles. Very promising app.
Helps a lot
Really useful tool. Helps me a lot in planning.
Hector L Rivera
HRD Construction
Muy bueno para calcular algun cambio de orden pues tienes la foto y las medidas al mismo tiempo, ademas las puedes guardar por cliente y creas un record con evidencia, lo uso mucho para cotizar remodelaciones pues tienes fotos con lo existente para cotizar y puedes ver el antes y el después, lo recomiendo es un éxito total.
Great app.
This is one great app. Use it everyday for site surveys. I can do the survey e-mail it to the office. The office then quote the job in no time. 5 star +.
Wow, wow.
I go to Home Depot a lot as I work on my old house. This thing is the perfect use of my iPhone. The upgrades only made it sharper. As others have said, backup to Dropbox and Evernote would be welcome. Hope you continue improving it. Thanks.
Have to stand so far away to get full view
The app has been great for me, doesn't crash and is very easy to use. My main complaint is that I have to stand so far away to get a full view of the opposite sides of the room and many times can't get far enough away due to room size restrictions. Otherwise it's great.
My Measure Pros
Good app. Takes some time to navigate through but gets easier.
Amazing tool
Al B Building
As a contractor, I heavily rely on this app for bid requests. The accurate dimensions and text leaves no room for guessing. I highly recommend this app to anyone.

A fantastically simple yet VERY useful application!! I use this loads both at work and home. Simply one of the best finds on the app store for any tradesman in my opinion!! Great work :)
Excellent app and use it all the time.
Good app
Hi-Tec Structures
Use this app on a daily basis, wouldn't want to be without it
Renovating a house this is just the app I needed a1
Bloody awsome App
East Hull Red
Really good for my profession as an Architect !! Well done a really good app
One of the more Useful Apps
Using it more and more. Saves time and having to look for a pencil and paper every time you need a quick measurement.
Great app!
Absolute awesome app for my type of work - perfect !! Well worth money!
My measures
A very useful tool for conveying dimensional information to other parties.
billy bear winter
Used to measure out garden. Really useful
Very useful tool. Great for my job - shop fitting surveys.
My Measures Pro
Great app, works very well and saves me so much time. Well done guys. Site surveys are a breeze to do now and very useful for my home DIY.
This really is a superb app, i am in the tiling trade and this really is very useful to me. Lots of features. I even took a picture of my kids and added there heights ( grow chart ). Loads and loads of uses can be applied with this App.

Muy útil y fácil de usar.
Bastante bueno
Muy facil de usar, y practico
Es una pasada realmente gran aplicación, merece la pena.
foto, mide y apunta
Agustín Mateo
muy buena
Buena aplicación
Buena aplicación. Podrían añadir Km como unidad (para planos fotografiados)
Fantástica aplicación. Muy útil a la hora de tomar medidas, con rapidez y de una manera sencilla. La mejora que haría es poder hacer zoom en una de las zonas de la foto para poder tomar medidas zonas mas pequeñas. Pero bueno. Siempre se puede editar la foto antes y luego usarla en el programa.
Muy buena app
🎵📀 Frankie 📀🎵
Buena Apple para todos los que tenemos que medir.
Ideal para ir al IKEA jeje, no le pongo 5 estrellas por el precio aunque muchos la conseguimos gratis desde una promoción :)
Ahora si.
Luego de 1 año sin actualizar y con muchos problemas, la última versión funciona a la perfección. La uso para muchas cosas además de medidas, por ejemplo para anotar donde van los tornillos de un equipo al desarmarlo. La recomiendo.
Muy buena
Costy 1969

Molto utile
Molto utile per misure "al volo" da utilizzare come appunti. Naturalmente non può essere precisa nel calcolo automatico a meno che la foto scattata non sia perfettamente verticale.
Facile da usare e utile
Ottimo ma migliorabile
Un programma utile e facile da usare. Potrebbe essere da 5 stelle se fosse possibile avere la possibilita' di disegnare a "mano libera" per aggiungere idee e commenti in modo rapido.
Luciano Giordano
Molto utile a me serve molto
My measures
Pat 55
Ottima e comoda
Alia 71
lavoro ben fatto
Lodovico Doglioni
Ottima applicazione... Da avere!
Quasi perfetta
Con l'ultimo aggiornamento hanno risolto i problemi riscontrati da me e dagli utenti che hanno fatto le recensioni negative, spero che tali utenti adesso aggiornino le loro recensioni in quanto il programma funziona perfettamente, 4 stelle perchè mancano delle funzioni a mio avviso importati, quali la passibilità di fare un backup completo senza passare da itunes, magari interfacciandosi con dropbox, e dovrebbero usare il sistema di salvataggio delle foto nel formato jpeg dando anche la possibilità di sceglierne la risoluzione in modo da ridurre notevolmente lo spazio occupato, in quanto adesso se si hanno molti progetti, vengono occupati centinaia di megabyte.
Prendi le misure...
Utilissima applicazione per ricordare le varie misure del mio fai da te. Peccato per il suo funzionamento...2 soli giorni!!! Gentili signori...lo vogliamo rendere utile a tutti gli effetti????? Grazie
Idea davvero intelligente
Ben fatta, funziona benissimo, cinque stelle!
Marco's Cer
Ottimo strumento lavorativo. Non lo uso spesso ma quando mi serve é impagabile. Puó risultare un pó macchinoso in certi casi ma nel complesso direi ottimo come da titolo
Molto, molto utile.

Devenu indispensable. 😊
Fini les petits bouts de papier avec le croquis et les dimensions et qu'on a perdu quand on en a besoin. J'ai maintenant toujours sur moi la photo de l'entrée avec les dimensions pour accueillir le nouveau meuble que je trouverai un jour et plein d'autres photos du même genre. Un superbe outil!!!!
Excellente appli
Petite application extrêmement utile ! Je l'utilise depuis plus d'un an sans aucun bug. Prix dérisoire en regard des services qu'elle rend et du temps gagné. On aimerait pouvoir directement recevoir les mesures faites à l'aide d'un laser. Merci aux développeurs !
Tibo 74
Bonne mesure
Super,j'adore voila une appli qui est super utile.
Très pratique
Certes il faut prendre les mesures soi-même, mais l'avantage est de pouvoir les insérer aux photos et donc de les archiver. Fini les bouts de papiers ou de carton. Bel outil pratique
Genial. J'adore
L'une de mes 10 apps préférées.
A avoir!
Peu importe le prix, vous Devez l'acheter!
Appli géniale. 4 étoiles car aide non renseignée!!
Fonctionnel et Pratique
Très utile pour réaliser certains releve
C'est une application très utile et indispensable pour certains corps de métiers et même pour d'autres utilisations ponctuelles Je la recommande
Fait le job !
Et plutôt bien.

Kleiner Abzug
Nico Protze
Leider ist es nicht möglich einen Plan als PDF einzuspielen. Außerdem ist die Möglichkeit Dateien zwischen den Ordnern zu verschieben sehr beschränkt. Das versenden per E-Mail funktioniert bei mir leider auch nicht.
Klasse App.
endlich einfache Aufmaße fertigen.
Nach update funktioniert das Programm leider nicht mehr, es stürzt sofort nach dem Start wieder ab.
Seibold Werbung
Mal sehen wann der Fehler wieder behoben wird!? Wie es vorher noch funktionierte war es eine super Hilfe für das aufmass!!!
Eine interessante Variante
Dieses App. Vereinfacht vieles! Ich bin aber noch im Praxistest!
Super App.
Sehr gute App., ich benutze sie täglich auf der Baustelle. Doch eine Funktion fehlt mir: leider kann man keine Grenz- bzw. Begrenzungslinien einfügen, perfekt für mich wäre es, wenn man dann noch diese Linie zu einer Kurve bzw. Kreisausschnitt verändern könnte.
Soweit so gut
Genau auf das was ich jetzt nicht finde habe ich lange gewartet. Man konnte nie ein mehr Seitiges PDF von unterwegs versenden weil die Datei viel zu groß war. Jetzt angeblich mit dem neuen Update möglich. ***Nur wie?????***
Icloud ???
An sich super Aber die Synchronisation zwischen 4s und pad funktioniert garnicht. Da werden Ordner gelöscht und ... Wenn das noch geht dann 5 🌟
Funktional mit kleinen Schwächen
Bedienung könnte einfacher sein. Bei der Lupe sind oft die eigenen Finger im Weg ... Programmierung bitte optimieren, Stabilität und meist wird in der Übersicht ein falsches Bild angezeigt, das sich nach Umbenennung selber korrigiert. Kostete mich Nerven und Zeit bis ich das verstanden hatte. Sonst sehr hilfreich
Super Sache
volker krampe
Eine tolle App., die ich als selbständiger Tischler nur weiterempfehlen kann und schon habe. Einige Details könnten verbessert werden. Man kann leider keine Fotos zoomen und die Lupen werden leider oft vom bearbeitenden Finger verdeckt. Ansonsten eine der sinnvollsten Apps, die ich habe.
Gute App
weiter so !
Horst Spittel
Super Sache, schön wärs wenn man panorama fotos einbinden könnte damit man zB nen ganzen raum rechnen oder bemaßen könnte....
Sehr gut
weiter so

Замечательная программа !!!
Спасибо !
Храню все размеры только в ней.
Thanks to team
Grate program! Helps a lot in my building work! Hope you guys will do all good for you customers ! Brilliant ! I am very glad !
Очень удобная прога!
Отличная прога
Отличная прога
Хорошая программа
Все ок. Побольше бы такого действительно полезного софта.
Замечательная штука
Абсолютно необходима во всех случаях, когда вы пользуетесь любым измерительным инструментом и нужно зафиксировать измерения "в натуре". Берите сразу платную версию. Не пожалеете! Стоит своих денег
Просто и удобно!
Отличная программа для работы и дома. Удобно по одному измерению вычисляет прочие.
Просто супер! Даже и не думал, что есть такая программа. По работе сильно выручила.
Просто класс!!!
Великолепная программа!
Аркадий Чо
Пользуюсь каждый день и на iPhone и на iPad - отличная программа!